If you are running a workshop with computers supplied by SLQ, at least one week before the workshop you will have received a pallet of computers, packed at The Edge for your specific workshop.

Depending on your estimated workshop size you will have between 8 and 15 computers. The monitors have been dismantled, with the monitor bases packed into a large tuff box, along with the mice, keyboard, video and power cables.

Each workshop series will usually need one computer per participant with a minimum of two spare computers.

One is for facilitators to demonstrate on (CCC-demo-PC) and the second as an 'oracle' to keep untouched to check against. It's OK if these computers end up needing to be used by participants later on as replacement for broken parts.

Check over your package and make sure you have received the right amount of peripherals and leads. Each participant should receive;

  • One HP 8100 SFF PC
  • One HP monitor
  • One VGA or One DVI cable
  • One Mouse
  • One Keyboard
  • Two power cables
  • ttt/preparation_02
  • by Andrei Maberley