This section covers the basics of how to set-up the hardware, software and manage the wiki needed to run a CCC program.

We assume an intermediate knowledge of linux and computer hardware. If you have completed and facilitated a couple of CCC workshops then you should have the fundamentals required.

Covering the basics of what you need to run ccc, the parts required for workshop kits.

If you need to run a CCC Workshop with limited or no internet access you can build your own CCC-server. These instructions will take you through the whole process.

While The Edge will be continuing to refine and develop the workshop material presented here, remember these workshops are yours to customise as you see fit. You can make a start by learning how to edit the your own copy of the CCC wiki.

If you want to source your own computers, we have some recommendations to help you. Once you have a pile of computers for you workshops we've got some tips on how to prepare them.

Once you have sourced your own computers, you will have to prepare them for the workshops. The hardware and BIOS information is specific to each computer you will need to redo the instructions for at least Workshops 01 and 02. With an understanding of the basics of using dokuwiki, You can follow our guide on documenting computer tear downs here.

While the delivery hardware will change and the basic software installed will stay consistent, this isn't to say that new software and ideas should not be used. When a better option comes along, or one that uses a GUI instead of the command line, then use it. For example systemback (used in Workshop03) is a replacement for a command line backup utility.

To see how we build software workshops for CCC using the wiki check out this guide.

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