A CCC Workshop kit

A CCC Workshop Kit is designed to provide everything a community needs to run the offline CCC workshops. Prototype kits were used to deliver remote and regional workshops in 2015. A kit includes:

Based on a re-purposed laptop, the CCC-server used to create all the CCC wiki content, host the local wiki and run workshops. The CCC-server is built on a laptop that has been recycled from the State Library of Queensland. The laptop is set up to act as the local server for most of the files needed during the workshops and used by facilitators to work on, demonstrate and display the wiki. The laptops will be left in each pilot community once the project is complete.

A master copy of the CCC-Server is kept at The Edge, so if anything goes wrong with your communities' laptop you can get in touch with The Edge and request a new one, or a backup replacement hard-drive. For more information on the server and how to set up your own, check out Building a CCC-Server.

  • 16-port ethernet switch
  • wifi router
  • 10 long ethernet cables
  • 2 short ethernet cables

Tools and consumables for workshops:

  • Screwdrivers - one per participant, with spares. The type depends on the computers being used.
  • Cleaning products
    • general spray and wipe cleaner for external cleaning
    • computer keyboard and screen cleaning wipes
  • USB drives (4 gig minimum - at least one per participant)
  • Heatsink paste (this can be bought in bulk tubes - there is no need for expensive brands)

We use 2nd hand pelican (or similiar) cases to transport the ccc-workshop kit, which can be found on ebay or your local hardware store.

  • ttt/ccc_workshop_kit
  • by Andrei Maberley