Train the Trainer

This section provides an introduction for facilitators and gives a philosophical background for the program. It also covers workshop preparation, facilitation tips and some more advanced instructions on how to set-up the computers to run the workshops.

To get the most out of this section its best to have gone through the Train the Trainer series at least once with a SLQ facilitator or other organisation that has run the program before. To see when the next CCC-SLQ workshop is being run please contact us.

Remember that these workshops work best when adapted to suite your participants. You can change the order, skip sections or spend time concentrating on one section that is particularly relevant. The core focus is on building self-sufficiency and knowledge.

For a background on the choices we've made along the way with CCC and a very short history of operating systems.

To prepare for CCC workshops you can use these sections.

Here are the guides for customising or creating your own CCC workshops.

Make your Own CCC workshops

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  • by Andrei Maberley