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Welcome to Creative Community Computing!

Creative Community Computing (CCC) is a series of workshops where you get hands-on, real world experience with taking apart, breaking and fixing computer hardware, and creating your own custom-built computer operating system using free software you have chosen and installed yourself.

At the end of the series not only will you have the skills and knowledge to repair and upgrade everything inside your computer, you get to take the computer home. It's yours to keep!

CCC assumes no prior knowledge of computer hardware, and begins with the basics of computer software using clear, simple language.

This program was developed for use at the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) in Australia and delivered regionally across Queensland. All original material is released under a Creative Commons share-alike non-commercial license.

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This section of the CCC website is a wiki. A wiki is a website which allows people to create and edit content and structure directly from the web browser.

This wiki is your complete resource for the CCC workshop program. It contains the workshop guidelines and other resources to help you complete the CCC program.

We've tried to define all jargon and acronyms either in the text or with links to Simple Wikipedia. Simple Wikipedia is a smaller, less technical version of the main wikipedia site.

However, if anything is still confusing to you we have not done our job properly so do ask your facilitator to clarify and we'll do our best to amend the content.

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This wiki is also the main resource for the Train the Trainer series of workshops run in 2015-2016 in rural Queensland, Australia.

If you followed the Train the Trainer series you will be equipped and trained with the tools we use to set up and run CCC workshops.

The Train the Trainer menu is accessible from the left sidebar. Here you'll find facilitation tips, additional information for running the program and instructions on how to develop your own workshops.

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For workshop venues with limited internet access we run an offline local area network (LAN) to present this wiki.

It is available after Workshop 02. You can also access it via your phone or tablet on the wifi network 'ccc'.

For offline workshops we have made local copies of useful links where we can (subject to licenses) and there is also a local version of simple.wikipedia.

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On the top left of the screen is a sidebar menu. You can find the main pages of the wiki here.

On the top right is a table of contents which shows the sections of each page. This can be closed to save space.

On the bottom right of each page is a button which returns you to the top of the page.

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From the 'page tools' menu on the right hand side you can use the 'Export to PDF' button to create a .pdf document of the current page, which is then ready to print or save.

To create a document you can use in Microsoft Word, try the 'ODT Export' button.

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There is a button at the top right which will open a slide show in a new tab. Think of this slide show as a simple presentation of the wiki content.

Use the arrow buttons or keys on your keyboard to navigate the slideshow.

To see an overview of the whole slideshow use the 'ESC' key on your keyboard.

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